I cum through penetration.

Given that I have had a series of less than ‘happy’ posts I want to reassure you that my love for sex (and for life) is still VERY much alive and well. An essential part of being a (good) escort.

I am an unusual sort and I have discovered this only in my time in the sex industry.

I have many fantasies (where you grab my hair from behind, where you hold me down from on top and enter your full manhood into me, slowly at first, quickening before I feel your throbbing orgasm – preferably at the same time as mine but this is not essential) and  I have many other fantasies. The truth is, I will probably have to play with myself until orgasm through most of them. Even though the idea of you going down there and drawing the alphabet with your tongue on my clitoris REALLY turns me on – I am afraid it’s just not possible!

You see, I am one of a kind. I was told once it is because my clitoris is  so little, with the nerve endings similar to most other larger clitorises – making me extra sensitive. But the truth is, if you prod my clitoris – it will hurt. Like Fuck! Getting to know how I work and what turns me on, takes some bossiness on my part and some agreeance on your part. I know what I like (do believe me when I say I have spent some time working it out) and if you want to please me – you best know how to take some instruction!!

I wonder sometimes if my first orgasm ruined my chances of normal clitoral stimulation – simply rubbing myself against the arm of the couch (hehehe) but I think we have gone beyond that point now. However this poses me with a new problem.

Clients stop me now mid-orgasm during sex (to which I genuinely orgasm providing the right size and angle) and accuse me of faking?! Let me assure you kind sir that if I am orgasming, it is not fake (and maybe you should spend more time concentrating on how it feels when I do) NOR do I appreciate you stopping me half-way through and whinging to me about it!!!!

I am one out of the box. I enjoy penetration as much if not more than other stimulation and I am a giver. I am yet to reach orgasm while giving head, through some kind of miracle – as I throb especially hard during this time – but I know I will one day and god help whoever this happens to – they will get the Petra Foxing of their lives!

So there.

If you book me, do expect me to boss you around, expect me to know what I want and expect the sexing of your lifetime as I learn how to use you as the pleasure tool I so desperately need and you so desperately want to be.

Petra Fox


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